[olug] ATI Linux Good now?

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 04:15:16 UTC 2010

I recall being frustrated as a Windows user trying to get an a Radeon driver
installed.  My manufacturer was sorely out of date, and ATI ws very
insistent on going to the mfr's support area for drivers rather than
providing a reference one.

There were some people who took the ref driver's INF file and added pci id's
for different notebook cards and such... and that seemed to help quite a bit
for me.  Was a mobile radeon 9000 series I believe.

As far as linux... AMD's site isn't too difficult to use for desktop users.
 From the main page in the upper right is a small box for driver stuff, or
if you click on "support/drivers", it takes you to a combo-box system for
picking what's appropriate.

While their mobility stuff is still... as annoying as ever concerning "go to
mfr's site!@%!@#$!" .... even concerning linux stuff... but the desktop
stuff is pretty straight forward.

For the legacy products (9xxx, Xyyy, etc), there is:


It's the desktop drivers, not the mobility ones.  Dunno what your mileage
will be.  Oh, and those are the 32bit drivers if that matters any.

I've not used an ATI card under linux in some time, either... so I can't
vouch for how good/bad their desktop processor is, either.


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