[olug] Any local tech 'deals'

Steven Susbauer steven at too1337.com
Sun Nov 28 02:19:55 UTC 2010

On 11/26/10 5:28 PM, dashrender wrote:
> I beleive that particular unit also had a "borrowed" version of the app store on it...so google was looking to shut it down...
> Question for you all: is the android OS completely open source with the free licensing (drat can't remember what it is called)?

No. As you mentioned, the Android Market and the other Google Apps, 
which many would consider core features, are not Open Source and their 
distribution is limited.

The Linux kernel inside is licensed under the GPL. The majority of 
Android, such as the Dalvik VM, is licensed under the Apache License 
2.0. They are both open source but include different freedoms and 

Android is not Linux in what most users consider Linux, the Linux kernel 
with the GNU userland (GNU/Linux). It uses the Linux kernel but then the 
similarities stop. It is not simply a typical distribution of Linux.
Maemo, on the other hand, is a slimmed down and customized Debian 
install, but also includes some proprietary bits.

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