[olug] Asterisk and looking for SIP provider suggestions.

Ryan ryan at stillnet.org
Sat Nov 27 05:16:45 UTC 2010

Do you use this landline much?  I canceled mine but wanted voip as a backup
just for when my cell phone battery died, things like that.  I found
CallCentric to be the cheapest for having service that you don't use much.
 I pay about $4-5 per month, half of that is 911 fees.  Any time I make a
call, which is pretty much never, I'm paying 1c a minute I think.  I used to
use ViaTalk, they were fine too, but was paying closer to $15/month for
minutes I never used.


On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 7:58 AM, Jon Larsen <relayer at levania.org> wrote:

> I'm looking to cancel my landline phone and park the phone number with a
> SIP provider and use asterisk to connect for the calls.  Does anyone have
> any suggested SIP providers?  Is that what I want?  Are there
> alternatives?  Has anyone else done this, and if so, how detailed was the
> setup with an asterisk box?  Can you recommend a small, embedded asterisk
> device for home use?
> Jon L.
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