[olug] Myth compatible TV Tuner card that works with COX TV

Kevin D. Snodgrass kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 07:46:17 UTC 2010

--- On Thu, 11/4/10, Paul H. Lewis <phldml3 at cox.net> wrote:
> I'm looking to build a MythTV Box,
> since my TIVO died.  But before I go
> buying parts willy-nilly, I need to know if there is a TV
> Tuner card
> that I can connect directly to the cable and not use the
> Standard Def

Most any that are supported by the IVTV or bt8x8 driver will work.  Check the docs for these drivers.

> Receiver.  I'm assuming that they are pushing a
> digital signal, is that
> the reason for the set top box?

If you need to record channels above 72 or so, then yes you will need to use the box.  Channels 2-72 are analogue and work fine with analogue tuner cards.

> so that's the reasons for the questions.  If I have to
> connect with the
> box, then that means I can only get one channel at a time?

Yes, if you need to use the box to record your show, say something on History International (Chan. 204), then you must use the STB and that is the only thing above channel 72 that you can watch, unless you get a second STB or a CableCard if your TV is so equiped.

BTW, I have a Hauppauge 350 I'm not using, if you are interested.  Hardware compression of SDTV signal to an MPEG2-PS file playable by MPlayer and others.  Also has the TV-OUT so you can make any TV your monitor. :-)


Amazon lists one used for $64.xx, I'll sell mine for bargain basement $60.00, with box, manuals remote and anything else I can find that is supposed to be in the box.  Latest kernels have the necessary drivers built in.

Kevin D. Snodgrass


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