[olug] Cheap ghost alternative...

James Ringler jringler at plainspower.com
Wed Jun 2 14:36:25 UTC 2010

I'll second the clonezilla..  we use it weekly in our 16 locations.

We sysprep all of our new laptops / desktops and keep restore images on 
hand to restore..  saves 10 hrs rebuilding a machine..   

I have Jr. IT people (John Deere parts / service techs) helping with 
cloning new machines and restoring their laptops with an image on the 

We have a simple step by step doc that they follow.   The only issue 
we've had is someone cloned a 120 gig disk to a 250 gig hard disk and 
was peeved because it wouldn't give him the whole disk until i ran 
gparted and expanded it..

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