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Hi All,
Thanks for all of the suggestions!  Looks like taking enough memory cards is what fits my budget the best.  My geek side really, really would like to get a netbook, but alas, common sense won out... I don't really need to show off the photos and videos until I get back, really was just looking for a "connector device" between the flash memory and a USB harddrive (for backing up).

I'm looking forward to seeing how the older laptops I shipped over last year are holding up ( I loaded them w/Ubuntu ).  

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> > On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 8:49 AM,  <webtrekker at cox.net> wrote:
> >> I'm looking help on what my options are for a netbook.  The situation is I am heading to Ethiopia in 12 days to adopt our newest family member and don't want to lug my laptop due to weight and size, but would like have a way to transfer pics from my camera memory card to a secondary device (netbook hd or external hd).
> > 
> > Do you need to actually access the pictures during the trip?  If not,
> > $100 will buy quite a bit of storage space in memory cards these days.
> Regardless, when taking a hard-to-repeat trip, it's wise to backup
> your photos to a second medium as quickly as possible.  On my family
> vacations, I copy my photos to my laptop every evening, but don't
> delete them from the flash cards until after I get home & backup
> the laptop to a second spindle.
> You could invest in a portable photo backup device.  This is an old
> link, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about:
> http://photodoto.com/portable-photo-storage-buyers-guide/
> My brother, a semi-pro photographer, bought one before his honeymoon
> to Hawaii.  I never did ask him how it worked out, though...
> >  Depending on what your camera takes, I've seen 8GB SD cards for
> > around $20-$25 at numerous places, even local stores (Best Buy,
> > MegaMart, etc).
> Just be sure to use name brand cards.  I've had off brand cards go
> south on me, resulting in corrupted or inaccessible photos.  All
> of my cards are now Sandisk.  50,000 photos & never had any problems.
> Also, don't use cards which are too big.  Eggs & baskets, you know.
> If you're worried about theft, store the full cards away from the
> rest of your electronic gear.
> > That'll give you 64GB+, which will hold a lot of
> > pictures (unless you're using a digital SLR and shooting in RAW, in
> > which case you'll be hard pressed to find a flash-based option).
> I've got a 10 MP DSLR and I shoot RAW+JPEG.  I average about 475
> photos on an 8GB card.  I've got nearly 40GB worth of CF cards,
> and I've never filled them all at once.  I think the most I've shot
> in a week-long family vacation is about 1500 photos, or three 8GB
> cards.  I'd certainly want more if I was spending 12 days in Africa.
> Heck, I can fill an 8GB card in one good afternoon of shooting.
> Oh, and if you shoot that kind of volume, be sure you take extra
> batteries & a second charger of the correct plug type.  You never
> know how much access you'll have to power outlets.  In warm weather,
> I get about 2500 shots on four batteries.  At 5F, it drops to about 400.
> As an aside, If you're curious about my camera work, check out:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/obi-wan-yj/
> http://www.jedi.com/obiwan/photo/
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