[olug] Backup server options

Eric Lusk wyrmzr72 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 21:52:22 UTC 2010

I've got a client who's looking for a remote backup.  Since I tend to be anal, I want something I have control over (i.e. I can unplug it in an emergency).
He's got 3 windows systems he wants to back up remotely; I'm thinking one easy option, since he already has static IP addresses, is have them back up to one another.  That way, unless all 3 of his offices are somehow done in, he has a backup (maybe even two backups).
Barring that, I'd love to just take an old system and make it into a Linux server.  Of course I'd rather not spend the $$$ on a static IP, so would probably need to run dynamic DNS.
I've run a Linux backup server before, but it's been a while.  Any suggestions for someone who's been out of the loop on this for a while?
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