[olug] Tiny computers

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 21:10:37 UTC 2010

> Linux media-center PC:
> No Netflix
> No BluRay
> No built-in video rental service
> Must use keyboard/mouse
> If you want to match the $300 price-tag, you're likely not going to be
> cheap, fast, quiet and have good HD video to boot. Somewhere you're
> going to have to compromise.
I built my Mythbuntu box from new equipment about 18 months ago (sans used
pvr150 cards) for under $300 fairly easily.... c2duo, 2gb of ram, 500gb
drive, hdmi, etc.

But -- just to throw my two cents into the conversation...

Unless you plan on running emulators, you're prolly better off with a PS3.
 You get a lot of ability for a reasonable price, and less 'fucking with it'
compared to a PC.  Also, if you're the insistent-on-linux type, a hack to
install linux on the latest firmware has already been released.


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