[olug] FW: [Secure0maha] Going to BlackHat & Defcon?

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Thu Apr 1 19:28:13 UTC 2010

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Subject: [Secure0maha] Going to BlackHat & Defcon?


Anyone on this list going to be headed to Black Hat or Defcon?


If you were thinking of taking a class, I can recommend a great one...


Only four seats are left open for the class I assist with teaching,
Advanced Windows Exploits.
Exploit.html This is the second year the class is being offered, and
last year it was a blast. Everyone really had to work, and its not an
easy vacation style course in the least bit. We cover everything from
DEP, to hand made shellcode, to Unicode issues in buffers, and so on.
Real geek stuff. 


It would be cool to see some local faces down there. If you know of
anyone in town that might be interested, please pass it on. Also let me
know so I can watch for them and make it particularly hard on them.




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