[olug] Wireless bridge

Shannon ridgid at gmail.com
Wed May 20 17:57:25 UTC 2009

well this is how I had my bridge setup.
router ))))))))) bridge--------desktop

first I set my desktop connected to the bridge to same address + 1 as
bridge  (was default for your bridge)

once i can connect and get to the web console I setup static address
for the bridge in the same range as my router. I would recommend
setting this static for a small network like yours so if your wireless
router stops working it would be easier to trouble shoot. so if your
running the router at  Look in your routers web console
and see what ranges it leases. most home routers lease out -**   if that is the case I would set the
bridge to have an IP of   Then restart the bridge and set
your desktop to have a static address of  Verify windows
address with ipconfig from command prompt ... Now I should be able to
connect to and get the bridge web console again.

now I start to try to connect the bridge to the router.

first I make sure have the gateway ip address set to the routers ip.

then I add my ESSID
you might find that by clicking the "view" on the available networks
under the wlan settings

last I set up encryption if you have it set up. to connect to the
router. If it doesn't work. I some times  turn off the encryption to
verify it works then set encryption up again.. i have had problems
where my wireless card driver would clip the pass phrase key before
and not work.


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