[olug] "I remember when..."

Awais Khan frontsidelockslide at gmail.com
Sat May 2 18:51:57 UTC 2009

WoW . I mean, between hunting and gathering and having to fight off all the
dinosaurs, im surprised you guys had time for computers. LoL. I keep
thinking someone is gonna bring up the Harvard Mark I.

I might be in a tie with John hobbs for youngest OLUG member.

We got a 386 and the first operating system I had was 3.1 with DOS on the
side. HOWEVER i was a little behind even in those days as I knew people that
had the 486. Had the 56K "upgrade" and had all the "episodes" of the
Wolfenstein saga.  The era of the 5 1/4 was at an end , I had the slimmer,
faster, higher capacity of the 3 1/2 . You ONLY needed 13 disks for Windows
95.  I dont even think i used 3.1 for more than a month or two because 95
was out already.

In summary, when I sent someone an email, I didn't get any paper cuts.

On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 1:59 PM, Kenny Kant <kenny.kant at running-config.com>wrote:

> This brings back memories to me I use to be a Sysop in Hastings
> Nebraska.  I still have Wildcat! 4.10 for DOS here somewhere :)  I hear
> Syncronet is the cats meow now though when it comes to internet based
> boards.  Citadel would be ok but for what? ANOHTER place for us to post
> messages?  I would be pro getting come old door games up and running
> like LORD, Tradewars ..etc :)

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