[olug] Help for a newbie system adminstrator

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Fri Aug 7 11:31:24 UTC 2009

Go to O'Reilly's website and start ordering Linux Networking,  
Security, and RHEL system administration books.  You'll probably want  
to snag something on Selinux as well.  http://tldp.org/ and Red Hat's  
website has a lot of information on it as well.


On Aug 7, 2009, at 11:17 AM, Edward Monical-Vuylsteke wrote:

> Thank you very much for your responses. I appreciate it.
> 1) What are my duties as System Administrator:
> - For the people who asked, I will be pretty much the person making  
> sure the
> box is providing the support the end users need. In the long run,  
> this means
> "whatever needs doing".
> - Creating and maintaining a development environment for the two  
> developers
> that will be using the box.
> - Handling all system related tasks (security, etc).
> 2) Reason for the request.
> I currently have no real idea as to the full scope of my duties. It  
> is one
> of those interesting situations where the whole thing was thrown in  
> my lap,
> and the person said, make it work. Basically, I am trying to get a  
> grip on
> where to look and what questions I need to ask to perform the system
> maintenance duties.
> The purpose of the environment is to serve as a webserver, currently  
> serving
> webpages and managing forums.
> But, I'm fairly certain there is a great deal I am doing that is  
> incorrect
> or could be done better. Soon, I'm going to need to setup a JBoss
> application server, and Subversion, which I suspect I can do from  
> their
> support pages. What I'm not sure of is, how I should be handling the  
> general
> systems administration.
> And, thanks again for the helpful comments. :)
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