[olug] Help for a newbie system adminstrator

Edward Monical-Vuylsteke solrane.altari at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:17:29 UTC 2009

Thank you very much for your responses. I appreciate it.

1) What are my duties as System Administrator:
- For the people who asked, I will be pretty much the person making sure the
box is providing the support the end users need. In the long run, this means
"whatever needs doing".
- Creating and maintaining a development environment for the two developers
that will be using the box.
- Handling all system related tasks (security, etc).

2) Reason for the request.
I currently have no real idea as to the full scope of my duties. It is one
of those interesting situations where the whole thing was thrown in my lap,
and the person said, make it work. Basically, I am trying to get a grip on
where to look and what questions I need to ask to perform the system
maintenance duties.

The purpose of the environment is to serve as a webserver, currently serving
webpages and managing forums.

But, I'm fairly certain there is a great deal I am doing that is incorrect
or could be done better. Soon, I'm going to need to setup a JBoss
application server, and Subversion, which I suspect I can do from their
support pages. What I'm not sure of is, how I should be handling the general
systems administration.

And, thanks again for the helpful comments. :)

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