[olug] Fw: Possibly OT - Free Invite to the 2009/Last NEbraskaCERT Conference

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 7 05:55:38 UTC 2009

Hey Guys,

This year is going to be the last NEbraskaCERT conference.  So the organizers have decided to make it free.  If you've got August 18/19th available, you might want to consider signing up.


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After a lot of discussions with the NEbraskaCERT Board of
Directors we've reached the conclusion that this year will
be the LAST NEbraskaCERT conference EVER.  As part of that
we've made some decisions.

#1.  Registration is FREE for this year's conference.
That's right, you are invited to attend the conference as our guest 
to hear great speakers, eat well, and meet fellow professionals.

This year's 2-day conference will be held at the Scott Conference 
Center on August 18-19.  InfraGard is holding a meeting following 
the first day of the Conference (August 18) that is open to all.

The conference web site is http://www.certconf.org/.
The conference schedule can be found at 

Though the conference is free, but we still need you to register for the 
conference!  Send an e-mail to ajgrothe at gmail.com with 
"NEbraskaCERT Conference 2009 Register" in the subject line.  
Please include your information (Name, E-mail address, and 
Company) in the body of the email.

Seating is limited and we have to turn in the food counts by Wednesday, 
August 12th, so please register as soon as you can.  You'll receive
an e-mail confirmation a day or two after we receive your registration.

#2.  This conference will be a party celebrating 11 years of 
success!  Come help us give the NEbraskaCERT Conference a proper 
send off as we reflect on a lot of good years and thank EVERYONE 
who has helped make it a success for these past 11 years.

Answers to a few questions you might have

#1.  Is this really the end?

Yep.  At least in its current form.  We try to "never say never" 
in our business but conference attendance is down for most 
conferences the last couple of years and a lot of people are 
getting their CPEs and doing more of their learning online.

#2.  I already sent in my registration.  Will my Credit Card 
still be charged?

No.  We haven't charged any credit cards for the conference, and we 
won't be charging them.  We have already registered anybody who 
sent in the old form for the conference and will shred the fax 
with your credit card information.

#3.  How do I register?

Send an e-mail to ajgrothe at gmail.com with "NEbraskaCERT 
Conference 2009 Register" in the subject line.  Please 
include the following information in the body of your e-mail:  
Name, E-mail address, and Company.

The registration page at http://www.certconf.org/register.php has
the information on it as well.

#4.  Will NEbraskaCERT continue to exist?

Yes.  We've got some more work to do, we plan to continue our 
CSFs and our annual Security Professional training and working 
with ISC^2 to make sure there is an opportunity for people 
to take the ISC^2 exams locally. We'll be regrouping a bit but 
we intend to keep moving forward.

Hope to see you at the conference.  It should be one to remember :-)


Aaron Grothe
Conference Chair - NEbraskaCERT Conference 2009
ajgrothe at gmail.com


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