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Don't assume that you'll get faster speeds on the Blackberry network  
than dial-up.  Cell service around Kearney is spotty, it depends a lot  
on where you are.  It's also quite slow for EVDO users.  At best I've  
gotten ~200kb/s on Sprint and Alltel's(Verizon) networks.  Often it's  
dial-up speeds or worse.

Tethering also adds latency, probably not a big deal but something to  

Most cell companies allow you to monitor your usage.  However, that  
may or may not line up to what they bill you for.  I've seen customers  
extremely upset about that.  I can't speak for Verizon's service but  
most providers don't let you shut off your account once you hit a cap,  
they rather hope you do.


On Aug 5, 2009, at 10:51 AM, Curtis LaMasters wrote:

> I use bitmeter on the desktop to monitor my usage.  It'll also pop up
> when you reach a specified transfer limit.
> Curtis LaMasters
> http://www.curtis-lamasters.com
> http://www.builtnetworks.com
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Dan Linder<dan at linder.org> wrote:
>> My in-laws are not big data users and are looking to save some money
>> by dropping their $40+/month cable modem (Kearney, NE).  They are
>> thinking about going back to dial-up ($12/month for a local provider
>> IIRC) since they only use it for basic e-mail.  Since they both  
>> have a
>> Verizon BlackBerry, I mentioned that they could pay $15/month and get
>> the data plan that lets you tether and surf that way.  They would get
>> faster speeds and also be able to drop their home line too (for an
>> additional savings).
>> So, my questions:
>> * The $15/month give 5GB, and charges 5 cents per MB after the cap  
>> is reached.
>> 1: Is there an application/utility for their BlackBerry or WinXP
>> system to monitor the monthly usage?
>> 2: Does Verizon have a customer page that they can watch to judge if
>> they are close to the monthly limit?
>> 3: Does Verizon have an option to just "stop" if the cap is reached?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> DanL
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