[olug] Looking for pre-built Linux desktops

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Wed Aug 5 17:44:06 UTC 2009

Second this post.  Standardization is life-saving.  There are few  
pieces of hardware that require driver modification on current  
machines.  Network/wifi cards seem to be about the only thing left and  
even those are drastically improving.

Dell offers RH/Ubuntu compatibility at least on almost all of their  
server/desktop lines respectively.


On Aug 4, 2009, at 12:07 AM, Phil Brutsche wrote:

> Joe Gulizia wrote:
>> Boss was talking moving me to Windows....cheaper, easier to find  
>> machines.  Standardization  BS.
> The hardware standardization argument is huge, don't underestimate it.
> If you can't find a modern machine that will run Linux out of the box
> you're looking at the wrong hardware or the wrong hardware vendor.
> I could walk up to a OptiPlex 760 at work and every single bit of
> hardware in it will Just Work with the latest CentOS or Ubuntu or ...
> It helps quite a bit that Dell officially support RHEL5 on their Dell
> Precisions, and oh, wait, guess what else uses the same video, audio,
> ethernet, etc as the Precisions? OptiPlexes!
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