[olug] Installing multiple linux distros...

Jay Swackhamer Jay at RebootTheUser.com
Wed Aug 5 16:19:09 UTC 2009

I set up a new development workstation for Matt Payne recently with  
this configuration.

You will need to use the grub version for booting that comes with  
ubuntu, since the centos version is quite a bit older.

Then add the boot info for centos into the conf on your ubuntu  
/boot/grub, and remember to update it if/when you update the centos  

Instead of sharing the home dir, you might want to just make a  
link/mount the other partition to pull files from. If you share the  
home, you could run into config file version incompatibilities,  
depending on your window manager.

You can use the same swap partition without issues, as long as you  
dont want to use hibernation.


/ ubuntu
/ centos

in ubuntu, the centos partition is mounted under /centos
in centos, the ubuntu partition is mounted under /ubuntu

then on each side, put a link to your home dir on the other side

i.e. /home/dan/centos -> /centos/home/dan

Jay Swackhamer
Reboot The User

Quoting Dan Linder <dan at linder.org>:

> Has anyone ever installed multiple linux distros to a single computer?
>  I'm going to setup a separate home directory so I get the same $HOME,
> but I'll just make one large "/" per distro (which will include /boot,
> /etc, /var, etc).  I know Ubuntu configures Grub to use the partitions
> UUID, but if I then install CentOS, will it play nicely with the
> pre-installed Grub and update properly?
> Thanks,
> Dan
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