[olug] $10 / 2GB MP3 player for Linux

Luke -Jr luke at dashjr.org
Sun Jun 29 19:57:55 UTC 2008

I was for several years a die-hard Linux man, and I have the commits to prove 
it.  Everything had Linux... out of principle.

Then I finally swallowed the reality pill.  Windows has long won this battle; 
Linux was simply way too late to the scene. Virtually all PCs, video cards, 
wireless adapters, etc. support Windows.  Of the aforementioned Linux is only 
supported on *some* computers.  I don't know of any XBox 360s or popular 
MMORPGs that support Linux.  They may exist, but I'm sure it's a real small 

I wish it weren't this way, but that's the sad truth.


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