[olug] Myth TV / Cox Digital Box questions etc

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 19:15:33 UTC 2008

> If you like to tinker then Myth will be right up your alley.  The kicker

If I tinker and get a very workable system that even the femme can
use, I'd be content :).

> for me was HD...Cox and the rest of the cable industry as a whole do not
> make fiddling with HD channel content very easy.  If HD is not a
> requirement then myth would be great.  If you can get by with OTA (over

While I've fiddled with bits of the Cox free HD channels (locals only,
of which, TNT, DISC, etc are NOT free, lieing bastard commercials)..
and they are indeed very pretty... the very limited channel selection
makes it a non issue for me.  Pretty is great, but worthless when the
contents are of no interest :).

Speaking of Cox / HD / high def TV -- regular On-Demand stuff is...
atrocious!  480i I think ? ewwww! Fine on my 30-something inch tube,
nasty on the LCD.

> then the complexity of the problem increases dramatically and it starts
> looking like work :-)

Hehehehe, whole heartily agreed.  I've even decided to skip HD stuff
for a few years... even concerning disc playback (bluray etc).  TV and
movies are not a big portion of my life, so the hassle and expense
aren't worth it.  The femme (primary TV user) doesn't really see the
difference between regular analog TV and DVD -- so -- the increase in
quality is irrelevant concerning the huge pain in the neck it would be

I think the only high def movie I would be interested in (assuming it
was shot originally high def) would be blade runner.  Since it wasn't
shot in high def, I imagine it'd be the same as an upscaling DVD

Thanks again for the input, Shawn!


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