[olug] Old gaming accessories

Shawn Mattingly smattin at mimezine.org
Sat Jun 21 21:10:09 UTC 2008

Here's one:  http://www.usb-port.com/rm203.html  I haven't tried it or 
anything.  Apparently Radio Shack sells one too...you may want to check 
there if you aren't sure about it and would want to return it if it 
dosen't work out


Bill Brush wrote:
> I'm cleaning out my old computer area (aka the attic) and found some old
> game controllers that were pretty top of the line when I bought them, but
> are now pretty old and obsolete.
> Among them:
> CH Flightstick Pro
> CH Pro throttle (programmable)
> CH pedals
> CH game pad
> Now these are all gameport accessories and/or use the a 6-pin or ps/2 style
> keyboard connector.  I know all the new stuff is USB, including all the
> current versions of these products.  The thing is these things basically
> never wear out, so I was wondering if there was maybe a gameport/USB adapter
> that I could use to keep them around, or should I just chuck them?  :-(
> Thanks,
> Bill
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