[olug] Old gaming accessories

Bill Brush bbrush at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 19:26:06 UTC 2008

I'm cleaning out my old computer area (aka the attic) and found some old
game controllers that were pretty top of the line when I bought them, but
are now pretty old and obsolete.

Among them:

CH Flightstick Pro
CH Pro throttle (programmable)
CH pedals
CH game pad

Now these are all gameport accessories and/or use the a 6-pin or ps/2 style
keyboard connector.  I know all the new stuff is USB, including all the
current versions of these products.  The thing is these things basically
never wear out, so I was wondering if there was maybe a gameport/USB adapter
that I could use to keep them around, or should I just chuck them?  :-(


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