[olug] College Kid Needs Cisco IOS-based Router

Kenny Kant kenny.kant at running-config.com
Mon Jun 9 04:00:20 UTC 2008

Like Shawn said the guys at ODI are great for all kinds of Cisco used 
goodies but they are still expensive if you are just starting out.  

You should really be working with the emulator software "dynamips" and 
the its frontend GNS3.  This software will run full versions of Cisco 
IOS software virtualized on your machine and allow you to build full 
labs ..etc  The only catch is you need to find/provide your own IOS 
images for the software.



Dan Clough wrote:
> I'll be going to UNL in the fall for CompSci, and I have a feeling that
> networking will play a major part in the program.  I've already got what's
> essentially a server room set up in my basement, but I want to learn more.
> I'm planning on setting up a test lab so I can experiment with a few private
> netblocks and ASNs.
> I've mastered CatOS on Catalyst switches (4000 and 5000, at least), and the
> next logical step for me is moving up to IOS and getting into routing.  I
> don't want to go the eBay route, since sellers like to strip out essential
> parts of the product and sell them separately (Yeah, because a router
> without a WAN card is so useful) and winning 4 auctions just to get
> everything I need will be so much more expensive than buying it locally.
> Does anyone have any local Cisco routers that they'd be willing to sell?  I
> don't need a BFR, but I'd at least like something that's functional and
> somewhat modern (no IMP, please) so I can easily adapt to UNL's gear in the
> fall.  If you've got a spare router or even some advice, feel free to
> contact me.
> Thanks!
> Dan
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