[olug] Anybody using IPv6 yet? IPv6 over IPv4/Cox?

Phil Brutsche phil at brutsche.us
Sun Feb 24 18:35:47 UTC 2008

Drag Sidious wrote:
> And then I have some friends that are unfortunately using Qwest cable
> (?!) and they do not even get a public ip address. That ISP's 
> network seems to be just layers of NAT-blocked ip addresses, which is
> just horrific.

Nope, far far less complicated than that.

Almost universally DSL modems can be configured as either a NAT gateway
or Ethernet <-> ATM bridge - I say "almost" to leave open the
possibility that there exists a device that can't go either way; I've
never seen or heard of a device that can't.

The default configuration for QWest DSL is for the DSL modem to be a NAT
gateway. Qwest will configure the DSL modem for bridge mode if you ask
them, but you need to know to ask them ;)

If Qwest provided the DSL modem they have the necessary information to
change it's mode on their support web site.

> If Cox has some Cisco routers that they'd let me latch into to do GRE
> tunnelling then that would be lovely.


> Or if IPv6 over IPv4 is preferable. Or using SixXs to latch into the
> 6bone internet network. Something like that.

IIRC there are a number of IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel mechanisms available.
One of those will be your best bet.


Phil Brutsche
phil at brutsche.us

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