[olug] Anybody using IPv6 yet? IPv6 over IPv4/Cox?

Drag Sidious linlamer at cox.net
Sun Feb 24 15:46:01 UTC 2008

I was thinking today it would be interesting to add ipv6 support to my
linux router at home. I was thinking about doing it for several
different reasons.. just because ipv6 sounds interesting and there seems
to be resources on that that are not avialable to the normal iPv4
(probably not a whole lot, but I am curious), it's a interesting
technical challenge, and it would help to work around some of the
current port blocking issues with Cox cable and get around some of the
trust issues with setting up my own mail server or something like that.
Not sure.

And then I have some friends that are unfortunately using Qwest cable
(?!) and they do not even get a public ip address. That ISP's network
seems to be just layers of NAT-blocked ip addresses, which is just
horrific. IPv6 may be very cool for them and allow them to be able to
things like access their home network from work, which is something I do
all the time.

Has anybody here done that before?  I am just curious. If Cox has some
Cisco routers that they'd let me latch into to do GRE tunnelling then
that would be lovely. Or if IPv6 over IPv4 is preferable. Or using SixXs
to latch into the 6bone internet network. Something like that.

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