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K.J. Kirwan kjk_elec at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 11 10:05:05 UTC 2007

Hi Luke,

Welcome (in advance) to Omaha.

I'm sure you'll find a lot of people on the list here that can help you
find a job.  Perhaps you'll consider letting me help you find that house?

I'm a REALTOR® with NP Dodge Real Estate in Omaha.  I'm also a big fan
of Linux, Open Source, etc., but still trying to overcome the fact that most
web sites for REALTORS® won't work without IE. I'm hoping eventually to get
IE6 working under Wine, or something similar, but for now still using Win2K.
I was using Win2K and Ubuntu (2 PCs) with a KVM switch until a recent
motherboard failure, haven't fixed the Ubuntu PC yet.

Anyway, feel free to write or call anytime.  You might want to use one of my
other email addresses: <kkirwan at npdodge.com>, or <Kim at KimKirwan.com>. (I have
several email addresses and haven't got them merged under Thunderbird yet.)
Or call my cell at 402-981-1860.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Luke -Jr wrote:
> My family and I are looking to move to the Omaha area within the next 2 
> months. A little about us: My wife and I are 22 years. We have two children 
> so far, the older of which is a little girl 1½ years old. Her sibling is 
> approximately -½ year old at this time, and his/her gender is unknown. We are 
> a Windows-free household (Gentoo is the primary OS on most of our PCs). I am 
> a developer for the Utopios project* (and a former developer for Gentoo) 
> along with many other projects (such as Armagetron Advanced) which I 
> generally don't have time for these days. I am a strong proponent of Free 
> software, even moreso than Richard Stallman, though being a faithful Catholic 
> I do accept my lack of authority to assert non-free software as being 
> immoral.
> Before we can make the move, we do need to find both a job for me and a house. 
> If any one knows of any job openings in the industry (preferably not having 
> to deal with Windows, or at least not use it myself) or a home (minimum 3 
> bedroom) in a safe, quiet neighborhood for sale/rent/rent-to-own, we'd 
> appreciate it if you could send a link or possibly reference me. My latest 
> resume is available at:
> 	http://luke.dashjr.org/myself/resume/resume-brief.html
> A potential problem I expect we'll encounter is Cox Communications. From what 
> I have read, they seem to be very problematic compared to Time Warner here in 
> KC: they block important ports (25, 80, etc) and prohibits "servers" in the 
> AUP, apparently are unreliable (posts on this list imply rebooting monthly!), 
> especially with VoIP (which all our phones are) and include merely one 
> dynamic IP with residential service. Compared to TW's residential service 
> (servers allowed, 4 IPs included, $42/mo)... I'm not sure how I'll handle 
> this change. Are there any options besides Cox?
> Thanks and God bless,
> Luke-Jr
> * Utopios is a new OS similar to Gentoo and Kubuntu, but addressing the 
> deficiencies in both; currently no website since our time is better spent 
> writing actual code until we have something usable ;)
> P.S. whoever admins the mailing list server *PLEASE* stop using bogus lists 
> like DNSBL. There is no legitimate reason to drop email just because the mail 
> server's IP is only semi-static. Use real spam blacklists instead...
> (As for using TW's mail servers, that loses my ability to verify delivery and 
> they also get listed on the real spam blacklists for actual real spam; 
> besides, LUG members should be more than capable of keeping their email 
> servers secure better than their ISPs!)
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