[olug] Intro

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at cox.net
Sat Feb 24 11:50:18 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 February 2007 18:52, Travis Owens wrote:
> Hello all!
> My name is Travis Owens and I am relocating to Omaha (currently here
> ahead of my family, following in April.)

Welcome to Omaha! One of Bill Gates' most famous bridge partners lives here. 
But he's nice fellow and pretty good investor, so we don't hold it against 
> I wanted to drop a note out to everyone, and say I am glad there's a
> LUG here! I love Linux, use it at work, as well as for consulting. I
> have been Windows free on the desktop since 2001, and have used all of
> the major flavors of Linux out there. (Gentoo is my current favorite
> -- Flame -war repellent activated!) ;)

We use SuSE at work and I use Ubuntu at home.   My children complain bitterly 
about not having windows.  I tell them I'm encouraging "Computing Cultural 

> I also love PHP and will be taking my Zend PHP 5 certification test
> soon. I would consider joining/starting a PHP users group in this area
> if there is any interest! (hint)

I work in a Perl shop, but I've dabbled on the dark side.  -Flame-war 
repellent activated!
> My current role is an Applications System Administrator for West
> Corporation. (just started last week)

I do sysadmin and DBA work just down the road from you at 120th and Blondo. I 
think we have a former Westie on the staff. 
> Okay, that's enough about me, what about you?
> How active is the list? Group? Site?(site hasn't been updated in a
> while... are there still meetings being held? if so, when? Is anyone
> actively involved in any projects? and last but not least, is anyone
> interested in joining a Linux Advocacy group?

I'm the admin/facilitator/whatever for the Ubuntu Nebraska Local Community 
Team.  See the Ubuntu LoCo Teams site if you're interested.  
> So much for a quick note to say hello...

> Cheers!

Dave Thacker

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