[olug] Intro

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Sat Feb 24 02:33:57 UTC 2007

Travis Owens wrote:
> My current role is an Applications System Administrator for West
> Corporation. (just started last week)

Hi, Travis.  I'm a Westie, so look me up sometime.  I'm one of the few 
(the proud!) running Linux on my desktop there.

> Okay, that's enough about me, what about you?
> How active is the list? Group? Site?(site hasn't been updated in a
> while... are there still meetings being held? if so, when? Is anyone
> actively involved in any projects? and last but not least, is anyone
> interested in joining a Linux Advocacy group?

The westside monthly Linux Luncheon is practically across the street 
from the main West campus.

Tim Larson

Tim & Alethea

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