[olug] problems with external USB device

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Thu Feb 1 04:20:19 UTC 2007

I don't have windows installed on any of my desktops. I have had the 
same problems across 2 different enclosures. 1 is a masscool SATA/PATA 
enclosure the other is probably a noname PATA only enclosure that I 
bought off of tigerdirect (it is in the office so I don't know the exact 
brand). Both are USB 2.0 and both connect at USB 2.0 speeds on all three 
desktop machines.

I've tried various USB cables as well as with or without a USB hub with 
both enclosures. It doesn't seem to make a difference. The only distros 
I have used them with are SuSE 10.[01] and Ubuntu Dapper and Edgy.

I'll have to plug away on it some more then since it appears to be my 
problem and not a general USB storage problem.

Sam Tetherow

T M wrote:
> if you run windows on that particular box, how do the usb ports behave?
> what are the usb-related settings in the BIOS?
> personal preference gets me to turn off automount on my suse boxes
> (dell, hp, compaq). never had any problems with any external
> harddrives. have a noname enclosure that i use most often because it
> has a fan, yet is quiet.  my maxtor enclosure (took out the 80GB and
> put in a 160GB, but reads only 138GB or something) is well built, but
> no fan.  and the ADC is bulky and noisy. then there is a mcnally otg
> laptop enclosure. v nice. and then two generic brands of ide-usb
> adapter cables (no enclo, just the interface and cables; greatest
> thing since sliced bread).
> mike
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