[olug] problems with external USB device

T M to.the.brink at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 03:43:18 UTC 2007

if you run windows on that particular box, how do the usb ports behave?

what are the usb-related settings in the BIOS?

personal preference gets me to turn off automount on my suse boxes
(dell, hp, compaq). never had any problems with any external
harddrives. have a noname enclosure that i use most often because it
has a fan, yet is quiet.  my maxtor enclosure (took out the 80GB and
put in a 160GB, but reads only 138GB or something) is well built, but
no fan.  and the ADC is bulky and noisy. then there is a mcnally otg
laptop enclosure. v nice. and then two generic brands of ide-usb
adapter cables (no enclo, just the interface and cables; greatest
thing since sliced bread).


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