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Russell T. Monaghan russellmonaghan at cox.net
Mon Dec 17 03:16:44 UTC 2007

Jack wrote:
> Just a quick question for the holidays:
>     Does anyone have recommendations for a good Digital Audio Player 
> that works with Linux?
>     Jack
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I just bought a Sandisk Sansa e260. It's 4g, and it works great with 
linux, as long as it gets mounted as read/write(I've heard Gutsy has a 
problem with mounting as read-only). Once you set it to be a 
mass-storage device, it'll mount right up and you transfer audio over. 
It does support video, but Sandisk wants you to run it through their 
media converter, which transcodes it to some weird MJPEG-B mpg file. It 
works, but the media converter is windows-only, unless you can get it to 
work with wine(no luck here). The best option is to install Rockbox to 
it, the open-source jukebox. The sansa is well supported, and I've been 
ecstatic with it's behavior over the past weeks. Just make sure if you 
do get it that's it's not a Rhapsody version. Still works, but a little 
more of a hassle to set up. The video is easy to transcode, it's just 
mpeg2 video with some bitrate req. Rockbox is full of extra features, so 
check it out at rockbox.org.

Russell Monaghan

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