[olug] OT: Moving Analog Video to Mac G4

Pete Trerice petetrerice at cox.net
Mon Apr 23 23:15:38 UTC 2007

A few months ago the Greater Nebraska Macintosh Users Group (GNMUG), found
at www.gnmug.org, covered this very topic!  Both of these gentlemen are
correct, this is truly the easiest way for you to go Analog to Digital.
Just as long as you don't have any tapes with the good old fashioned
Macrovision you'll be fine.
The GNMUG meets the second Tuesday of every month in the same place as OLUG,
same OLUG time.


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Dave Thacker wrote:
> My son is now the owner of a Mac G4 and wants to play with iMovie (and so
> dad).  Our video camera is an older Sony 8mm with analog out cables.  I
> converter devices from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.  Does
> have a recommendation for a good (but not professional) quality converter?

That's the exact same situation I'm in.  I borrowed Craig's Canopus and 
it did a nice job with the video.  It kept audio and video nicely synced 
too, which I've read is a problem on some of the cheapo low-end devices. 
  There's some buzzing in the audio that I think may have been due to 
something I did on import, since no one else complains about this issue.

If you shop around, make sure it is a FIREWIRE device, not USB - iMovie 
will completely ignore it if it's not Firewire input.


Tim & Alethea
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