[olug] vmware server on AMD opteron

Carl Lundstedt clundst at unlserve.unl.edu
Mon May 15 20:23:47 UTC 2006

So far our experience running 32 bit apps on opterons here at UNL has 
been quite positive.  We sure like our 64 node dual/dual cluster.

We don't run VMWARE so I can't speak to that functionality.

Carl Lundstedt

>Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of running the  
>vmware server product on top of an AMD Opteron processor (or  
>processors)?  I'm wondering how well it works, if there are any  
>gotchas or weirdness, etc.
>In particular, I was considering putting together a dual dual-core  
>Opteron computer (or alternatively a dual Opteron) which would then  
>be sliced up for actual use with the vmware server.  Most likely, the  
>operating system running on the bare machine would be the most  
>minimal (AMD 64 bit) Fedora Core or SUSE install which could get the  
>job (of running vmware server) done.  Would anyone anticipate  
>difficulties with such a setup?  Would anyone have advice or opinions  
>on the details of such a setup?
>I have no experience to date running any OS (natively or in 32-bit  
>emulation) on an Opteron, but my assumption is that it works pretty  
>Thanks a lot!
>  Matt Anderson
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