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neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Mon Jan 16 18:10:46 UTC 2006

 netstat -lan | more

  What ports are open? tcp port 23 is telnet, tcp port 22 is ssh, you'll 
see a few others.

  telnet <port> - you'll get a telnet login for telnet and an 
ID string for ssh - this is how you tell if the daemon is behaving on 
the machine itself. If this works and remotes can't touch it you have a 
firewall problem.

  It isn't surprising that telnet doesn't work as no one has used that 
since ssh became available. Try ssh <machine IP> and you'll likely get 

Jack wrote:
> Thanks to all for your suggestions.
>    To Recap:
>    I'm running Mandrake 2006 on a 2.8MHz AMD Sempron and Mandrake 10.2
> on an 800 MHz Athlon and I can't figure out how to get access to one 
> from the other.
>    I took the shorewall off both computers and started up IPTables on 
> the 2.8 MHz.  Now I can ping each from the other, and my Linksys 
> router sees them both. However, neither will connect to the other 
> using telnet, the error message being "connection refused..."
>     Also, the commands 'ip addr' and 'ifconfig' both return the 
> address for the 2.8 MHz and for the 800 
> MHz.  My Firefox web browser, however, tells me that the IP address of 
> the 2.8 MHz is and the 800 MHz is (note 
> the reversal!). I have different pages on each so I can tell them apart.
>     Any ideas for how to convince each box to accept a connection?
>     Jack
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