[olug] Newbie question

Jake Churchill jachurchill at cox.net
Mon Jan 16 02:51:03 UTC 2006

How exactly are you trying to connect to them?  Have you tried ssh?  If 
you have any type of firewall turned on, I'm assuming the HTTP ports 
will be blocked by default.  However, in general port 22 (ssh) is open 
for remote administration. 

ssh -l username ip_address

Jack wrote:

> Thanks to all for your suggestions.
>    To Recap:
>    I'm running Mandrake 2006 on a 2.8MHz AMD Sempron and Mandrake 10.2
> on an 800 MHz Athlon and I can't figure out how to get access to one 
> from the other.
>    I took the shorewall off both computers and started up IPTables on 
> the 2.8 MHz.  Now I can ping each from the other, and my Linksys 
> router sees them both. However, neither will connect to the other 
> using telnet, the error message being "connection refused..."
>     Also, the commands 'ip addr' and 'ifconfig' both return the 
> address for the 2.8 MHz and for the 800 
> MHz.  My Firefox web browser, however, tells me that the IP address of 
> the 2.8 MHz is and the 800 MHz is (note 
> the reversal!). I have different pages on each so I can tell them apart.
>     Any ideas for how to convince each box to accept a connection?
>     Jack
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