[olug] Zipit Wireless IMs at CompUSA

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 07:03:03 UTC 2006

Hey All,

I was going through the checkouts at CompUSA this morning and I saw
they had a handful of ZipIT IM systems.

These are kinda of cool little wireless linux systems, designed to be
used with Instant messaging systems.  The good news is people have
figured out how to reload them with their own version of Linux on

You can do a software or hardware hack on the machines, but the
hardware hack gives you quite a bit more control.



The devices cost ~$100.00 and yes I did buy one.  I probably won't
get around to hacking it up for a couple of weeks.  It does give me
something to do while I wait for N 770s to clear backlog, or break
down and buy a Gamepark G 2x.


"The Journey is the Reward" - Old Zen Buddhist Saying

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