[olug] DVD Burning

Daniel Linder dan at linder.org
Fri Dec 8 17:57:44 UTC 2006

>>> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 12:08 -0600, Bradley Arth wrote:
>>>> I am using Ubuntu 6.10 and was wondering what everyones thoughts on
>>>> DVD
>>>> burning software was. Do you use the 'built-in' buring software or is
>>>> there
>>>> a defaco standard that most people use?

(lots of notes on burning a created .ISO to disk deleted...)

When I read Mr. Arths notes, I read it from a _video_ DVD standpoint. 
I.e. I have some digital video (digital camera and fire-wire connector,
.AVI/.MOV/etc) that I want to build into a DVD to play on a consumer DVD

The tools I've played with a few years ago were crash-prone and didn't
like working with anything but raw digital video (no .AVI/.MOV/etc

What's the groups answers to this question?


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