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yeah, it's handy.
i have an RSS ticker on my xbox (integrated into XBMC)
whenever i run my media center i have an RSS feed to keep me updated on
latest developments.
it's great for current developments or real-time reporting.

On 12/6/06, Daniel Pfile <daniel at pfile.net> wrote:
> Joe Gulizia wrote:
> > What do RSS and Atom do for a website?
> >
> > Why would an end user want me to make it part of my site?
> >
> >
> One thing that may apply to scola that doesn't to most sites, is scola
> broadcasts video. And video podcasts are just rss files with links to
> mpegs.
> There are a number of players in the works that take these feeds and
> aggregate them, making an internet cable system of sorts. itunes is a
> big example of one.
> You can also transcode to flash video and make it a normal news type
> blog, with video embedded.
> OR, you could just use it to announce new features, sales pitches, fund
> drives, etc, to your users. Like a mailing list, except they pull.
> Normal http transport still applies, so you can still restrict access
> with http auth, since I see you only allow internet video to certain
> people.
> -- Daniel
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