[olug] TrixBox 1hr?? heres Gilligan's Island issue

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 06:07:33 UTC 2006

On 12/3/06, Charles Bird <cbird at mail.datar8.com> wrote:
> > 245am and trixbox is about to go out the door!! arg.
> And now almost an hour later, I feel like an assterisk :)
> Works, had to install all the module associated with pbx/* Looks like I'll
> have a phone going in a few minutes. Oh an I was trying to use the ip of
> logging&monitoring box. *beats head on desk*
> But if you really want to know what I did that helped me alot, I'll tell
> you.... I walked away for 10 minutes, had cold water and a cigarette.
> Walking away for a few minutes helps alot.
> Still a few small issues but nothing big like i thought.
> I promise not to write emails  in a schitzo way in the middle of the night
> anymore. :)
> > Now, I have heard that trix is really nice, however, seems to not want to
> > install on most hardware I have.
> > I finally got it going on an 866 with 512MB ram tonite, installed fine for
> > once.
> >
> > netconfig to assign it a static IP, netmask, GW and DNS to look at. It
> > wont take,  so i add it in ifconfig and route add inet style ok no big
> > whoop.
> >
> > I change/make passwd's for all the stuff thats running,
> > I start configing everything for my needs, basicly just sip stuff Vmail
> > etc,  go to add trunk and FreePBX doesnt appear to be there. Well the page
> > is there, but no data, nothing, just links to the stuff at the top, I
> > click on the links and page loads with nothing on it, just template.
> >
> > ok, maybe after all these passwd's were changed , perhaps a slight chance
> > I need to reboot, I doubt it but heck I give it a try, reboot.. IP config
> > DNS gone, i do it again, and http times out, nothing, unusable. I can ping
> > interface, on net, no dns resolving even though I gave it proper dns
> > server.
> > httpd running, asterisk running when looking at ps. top shows everything
> > ok, nothing pegged out at 99%.
> >
> > Perhaps asterisk on something else would be better, so theres not alot of
> > things to break?
> >
> > Isnt trixbox supposed to work? Anyone know if this thing is buggie as its
> > seeming to me? It appears to be out of beta which in theory means it
> > works.
> > I'm heading over to trix site to complain and whine.
> > Shakes fist at box and glares!!
> >
> > Oh this is after 5 attempted installs on various hardware, PII intel
> > boards, dual PIII boards(tyan), Compaq DL360(didnt like the scsi's and
> > controller even though it loaded cpq stuff)... oh how I could count the
> > ways.
> >
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i am glad it didn't turn out to be Trix because i have found it to be
an easy install on pII 400s and dual pIII's

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