[olug] Re: Doing a SuSE install

Thomas D. Williamson twilliam at inebraska.com
Mon Sep 26 16:10:02 UTC 2005

To give an update on the install I attempted. I tried the direct initation of
grub through the rescue mode, I was able to get grub to work, but that did not
resolve other issues that arose. I went back into the install mode and tried a
repair of the system, this failed to write the configuation files and hung up.
The repair detected an error in the Reiser directory, but did not appear to fix
it. I then tried a manual repair, but this ran into the same problem of not
being able to write the congfiguration files. Since I did not have anything
invested in this installation, I restarted with a new installation. This
completed the installation process and the configuration files were written.

The only thing that SuSE is asking for is the information to correctly set the
video interface, it is at 600x800, and the screen can handle 1024x768. The Sax
program for X-window configuation asked for refresh rate, but LCD screens don't
have one do they?


Tom Williamson

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