[olug] Doing a SuSE install

Jay Swackhamer Jay at RebootTheUser.com
Fri Sep 23 15:06:52 UTC 2005

At that point, the only thing that would have been left to do is install
grub as the bootloader.

You could boot from the cd, if there is an 'emergency or rescue' mode, or
boot from a knoppix cd.

Then run grub, either from the cd or mount your root partition and full
path to the grub executable. i.e.

once it comes up

root (hd0,?)   #?=0,1,2,3 whatever your /boot partition is, hit 'TAB' to
                 list them after typing 'root (hd0,   '
setup (hd0)    #to install the bootloader

> In the last few days I got a Compaq Armada M700, 11 Gb HD with a 633 or
> 650 mHz
> processor. I loaded the Novell DVD with 9.1 to install and let it do the
> automatic thing. All items were properly identified and the installation
> began.
> The intallation moved through all the splash screens and showed the
> progress
> moving to completion. When it was at 99% and 14 seconds left the
> installation
> seemed to stop. I presumed there was other set up stuff going on before
> the
> installtion would close out. I left the program up and when I came back
> after
> being away for a few hours the installation program was still at 99% and
> 14
> seconds left.
> I could not get any response from mouse movement or keyboard commands
> (Ctl-Alt-Del). I turned off the power and restored it to allowed a
> restart.
> When this restarted there was no OS selection from GRUB and it booted to a
> Windows 2000 partition.
> Should I try a reinstall and do it manually and if I do that is there
> something
> I need to be aware of that is not allowing the install to finish?
> Thanks,
> Tom Williamson
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