[olug] does MSN block ports?

Mario Steele eumario at trilake.net
Tue Sep 20 04:39:30 UTC 2005

Eric Lusk wrote:

>Does anyone know if MSN blocks ports, AKA port 80? 
>I'm about to move, and was looking at prices for
>current Qwest service; the best bang for the buck is
>with MSN service, 5Mbps/896.
>The extra download would be nice; I went with my
>current plan because it was cheaper than with MSN at
>the time...

Hey Eric,

I'm a user of QWest with MSN, and there's no blocked ports.  However, I 
would recomend that you select your DSL Modem/Router carefully.  The one 
that QWest Provides, (Actiontec version), has had known problems with 
getting ports open.  Even now, I still have trouble getting stuff up and 
going.  If I had the money to, I'd up to 5Mbps/896, but alas, I don't 
make bocu dollar signs like some here do. :P

Mario Steele
The Poor Linux/Windows User/Technition (In that order :-P)

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