[olug] Converting .mp3 to "CD Audio Format"

Jon H. Larsen relayer at levania.org
Wed Sep 7 12:26:47 UTC 2005

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Dave Thacker wrote:

> Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 22:04:18 -0500
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> Subject: [olug] Converting .mp3 to "CD Audio Format"
> My daughter would like to convert some of her mp3's into the same format that 
> you buy at Target, and then burn them to a CD.  While GTFI, I think that 
> mpg123 will do the trick, but there are some vague references to creating an 
> iso out of the files after they've been converted.  Anybody done this or have 
> a link with the whole story?

Here are some scripts I use to convert mp3s and make audio cds.

Assuming the MP3 files add up to a full 74/80 minute audio cd, make sure 
you have enough disk space to convert the mp3 files to wav, as the wav 
files will be 650 to 700 MB in size. 

First, convert every .mp3 in the current directory to .wav:

#  mp32wav.sh
for f in *.mp3; do
 mpg123 -r 44100 --stereo -w "$f.wav" "$f"

Then, write out the .wav files to a audio CD.

# wav2cd.sh
# replace dev with your cd-rw device
# replace speed with your cd burner speed
cdrecord -v speed=48 --dev=/dev/hdd -eject -pad -sao -audio *.wav

Let us know how it works out.

Jon L.

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