[olug] Opinions of MSCIS program at Bellevue

Eric Pierce eric_olug at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 17:27:49 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm ferociously close to entering the Master of Science in Computer Information
Systems at Bellevue University.

But before I do...

Does anyone here have any direct/indirect experience with this program and/or
Bellevue University and/or any of the CIS professors?

The convenience factor of being able to complete a CIS masters program online
just about has me sold.  But then again... if I'm trying to go all online for a
masters program, what's tying me to a regional school?  I don't know.  

One other benefit of Bellevue is that I only have to take one transitional
class (already taken) before can jump into the masters program.  UNO's program
had me down for 5-6 transitional classes if I remember correctly.

Thanks for reading and much obliged for any advice!
Eric Pierce

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