[olug] OT?: SSL certs: freessl.com is awesome!

Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Sat Feb 19 14:05:53 UTC 2005

At Fri, 18 Feb 05, Unidentified Flying Banana Jay Hannah, said:
> If you've ever tried to register an SSL web server certificate w/ a CA, 
> you've probably spent hours/days banging your forehead against Verisign 
> or Thawte.
> freessl.com is awesome.

freessl.com is definitely cool.  They provide a solid service, and at a
good rate.  I highly recommend them over VeriSign/Thawte.

However, for Open Source developers, it looks like there's another
choice, too.  GoDaddy has started offering *free* SSL Certificates to
Open Source Projects.

Here's the press release:


And here's the actual page for signing up:


I've been hosting most of my domain names with GoDaddy for a couple of
years now, and I'm really impressed that they're doing this.  I like it
when I'm supporting companies that support Free Software.

> j

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