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But the problem with using a Cell Phone to call 911 is they do not know your
address to send help to.
Even if you have a new Cell Phone, 911 does not have GPS in many areas so
they cannot find you.
That is what happened to the couple that were on drugs that got lost and
froze to death. 

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At Tue, 08 Feb 05, Unidentified Flying Banana Bill Brush, said:
> I have two friends that have Lingo.com and Packet8.com.  Both are 
> pretty happy with their service.  I'm getting Time Warner phone 
> service even though it's twice as much as Lingo simply because I need 
> good 911 service since I have small children and the others didn't 
> have adequate 911 service for a caller that doesn't know their address.

If you are only doing it for the emergency service, you may want to find an
old cell phone, and use that instead.  Cell phone providers are required by
the FCC to accept 911 calls from all cell phones, even if the phone doesn't
currently have an active service plan.

If you have an old cell phone, you're set.  If not, you can often find
working ones at garage sales, eBay, or even online[1].  Just make sure you
have a charger for it. ;-)

  [1] http://www.emergencycellphones.com/

> Bill

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