[olug] East Penguin Lunch Vote NOW

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Fri Aug 26 01:39:04 UTC 2005

Jon H. Larsen wrote:
> Now would be a good time to vote on the East end of Omaha, about a month 
> out from the next one.
> All votes should be a reply to this email to keep the subject intact.  The 
> body should only contain the keyword of the establishment you are voting 
> for, remove any other text.
> If you wish to keep California Tacos, vote with a simple reply of 'Taco' 
> in the body of your message.
> If you want CiCi's on Saddle Creek, use 'CiCiEast'.
> If you want King Kong near 45th and Dodge, use 'King Kong'
> Voting will close at the start of the next meeting on September 6th.

I recommend ranked (Condorcet) voting like last time.  Just because a 
couple people happen to agree on one place doesn't mean it should be 
chosen if all the rest who can't agree all really hate that place. 
Simple pluralities stink.

Tim & Alethea

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