[olug] OT - Computer Rentals in Omaha

Dave Weis djweis at internetsolver.com
Wed Aug 24 05:24:35 UTC 2005

We've done computer rental in the past, but we're in Des Moines. Do you 
have the first 25 or do you need all 50 of them? Laptops would be a bit 
tough, but we can generally get p3 1ghz range machines pretty easily.

wferrel wrote:
> Ok, fairly off topic, but I'm guessing you all might be a good place to 
> get this info...
> The company I work for is holding their yearly user conference in mid 
> September.  Upon reviewing the specs of what the "planning" folks want 
> this year, I find that they're doubled the machine requirements from 
> 25ish to 50ish for our Friday morning session.
> Do any of you know of a place in town where I could rent machines 
> (preferably laptops, as we get to set this up in a couple of hours)?  
> All I need is wireless connectivity, browser (Internet exploder is 
> unfortunately probably a requirement) and the ability to get an RDP 
> connection to a 2003 Terminal server.
> A quick look on dexonline got me "Rent-A-Computer" but unfortunately 
> they're booked that week.
> Any suggestions / ideas welcome.
>       Thanks
>          Wes
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