[olug] Web Accelerators

Noel Leistad noel at metc.net
Tue Aug 16 21:25:18 UTC 2005

OK, so I've lurked this thread, questionable if I'm even addressing the 

We as an ISP run squid as an accelerator, but I also know that you can 
run apache w/ a gzip module that will compress all text files sent out.

We once did a little trial run on some "commercial" accelerator, but 
wasn't really impressed w/ its results. So much of what is viewed is 
loaded w/ graphics that didn't really compress that much more.

Cale Lewis wrote:
>>Do those providers you mentioned have a web accelerator for Linux?
> I'd be interested in hearing of any ISP that provides things targeted to 
> Linux or other platforms than M$ and Mac. I might want to pass word on to 
> others I know looking for such info.
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