[olug] server install help

A-Wal A-Wal at cox.net
Sun Aug 7 05:34:34 UTC 2005

The only reason I'm considering RH EL is because I can buy a student 
license for $50.  It's the same thing you can buy from RedHat for $1000, 
but you don't get the tech support, only the errata updates.  I'm using 
this server to practice with, basically.  I want to learn how to host 
web, ftp, dns, etc type services.  I'm sure I can download stuff for RH 
7 to bring it up to speed, but I would prefer to just install a newer 
distribution and forgo all that.  As for the error messages, they scroll 
off the screen too fast to see.  I think they said something about ACPI 
at the end, but I couldn't really tell.This thing is all old hardware, 
so perhaps that could be it.  However, in the case of Suse Pro 9.3, it 
detects everything, loads the driver modules for the scsi array 
controller, and then hangs.  It's the same module that RH 7 loaded for 
the scsi array controller, and it works perfectly.  Now, everything I've 
found on the net said that, aside from actual Unix OSs, Netware, and 
Windows, the highest Linux distro that was officially supported by this 
hardware was in-fact RH 7.  I can certainly learn what I need to know 
using it, but that's not the ideal solution.  I would prefer to learn 
using the utilities I'll find in use today.

Daniel Pfile wrote:

> Only buy RHEL if you need the support... Or you really like to spend  
> money. Get a copy of CentOS, which is a free recompile of RHEL.
> You should be able to boot linux on your proliant. Trying googling  
> for the make of the cards in it, or try posting the errors you get here.
> -- Daniel
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