[olug] New TightVNC issue

jachurchill at cox.net jachurchill at cox.net
Mon Jun 28 00:01:19 UTC 2004

I had never really attempted to get VNC working on a Linux box before these emails went around.  I have to say, it was much easier than I expected.  I am able to get in from inside and outside my network.  However, there is one issue I don't understand (well, maybe 1.5 issues).  

First, my default window manager is KDE which I have running at all times.  When I VNC in from inside or outside the network, I do not see KDE, I simple see a desktop w/ a single Xterm window.  I believe this is the "WindowMaker" environment but I'm not sure.  I want to have KDE at my disposal when I VNC in, not something else.  How do I change this?

Second, my connection is lost a lot, most often with clicking or selecting things with a mouse.  I don't know if that's normal or not.  With windows the connection is rarely lost and I thought Linux would be far more stable than Windows.  (It wouldn't be hard).

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about either of these points I'd appreciate hearing them.  


Jake Churchill

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